Hoffman, Dan – Key Tradeoffs in High Volume Test Automation

Key Tradeoffs in High Volume Test Automation
Dan Hoffman
Department of Computer Science
University of Victoria, Canada

This talk will focus on three important tradeoffs in High Volume Test

Given a particular class of faults:

  1. Is it better to use testing or source code review?
  2. Is it better to test through the graphical user interface or using an API?
  3. Is it better to test a GUI manually or using capture/playback tools?

While manual testing and source code review are not HVAT techniques,
per se, we have found that HVAT development is more effective when these
tradeoffs are well understood.

The talk will also look briefly at the small scope hypothesis: that a
high proportion of bugs can be found by testing a program for all test
inputs within some small scope.

The talk will be based on a case study illustrating the main ideas in
detail. The complete case study, including source code review methods, a
manual and an automated GUI test suite, and an API test test suite, will
be made available to the WTST participants.