Hoffman, Doug – Results Oriented Teaching of High Volume Automation

High volume test automation entails massive stimulation of the software under test (SUT). The mechanisms for such stimulation are straightforward once a tester becomes aware of the value of the approach and the techniques for implementation. Context matters, so the most applicable approaches and techniques are different for each situation.

When I teach test automation I include high volume testing as one important approach. I present approaches and techniques using some experience examples. My emphasis about automated testing is on the oracles. This is especially important for high volume testing because of the huge variation in values and combinations. It may be easy to stimulate the SUT, but the test doesn’t provide much useful information if we can’t tell if the SUT is behaving reasonably. Therefore, I emphasize test oracles for high volume automation. (The techniques are applicable to all testing – human as well as automated.)

The presentation will briefly introduce the high volume techniques and oracles, with an emphasis on the oracles that make the tests useful.